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Locals Make Historic Discovery


Several years ago after the death of Attorney James Clay Burnette, a box of papers containing  military, Masonic, and law documents, were given to Butch Brunette of Celina from his uncle's wife, Geneva. He kept them stored for years before checking them. While going through the materials, Butch found papers dating back to the Civil War. 

The papers were a claim made in Metcalf County, Kentucky for compensation of a slave named William ,dated June 23, 1864. William Wood received his freedom from slavery because he wanted to volunteer and join The Cavalry 5th regiment U.S. Colored Troops Co. S. 

It took three years and contact was made with the Metcalf Co. Ky. Historical Society and they, through time, have found a family member that can occupy the historical papers. A copy will also be printed in a Metcalf Co. Ky. Historical Book covering  The Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and the Civil War - preserving history forever.

Butch stated ever since he saw and read the four pages of papers he knew he had to find some family member to give the papers to so they could see he (Mr. Wood) was freed and how brave he was to volunteer to serve in The Cavalry during the war. 

“I'm sure this is what my uncle Jim Burnette thought when he found the papers and preserved them. Now the family can cherish the papers and they will also be published in the book. I could have just thrown them away, but history in all phases needs to be rerecorded, respected and preserved,” Butch Burnette noted.

James Clay Burnette, Butch Burnette, William Wood, Metcalf Co. Ky. Historical Society