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Citizen-Statesman To Hold Decoration Contest 


During your commute to and from work, school or wherever, there is a great chance you have passed by a house decked out in lights or with inflatables set up with care in yards. For the holiday season we want to see them all, and because we want to see them, we know you all will probably want to see them as well. 

So our last contest of the year will have a special feature, we are making a map to the Christmas decorations in the area. 

If you go all out Christmas Vacation style or if you prefer a minimalistic approach, we want to see all the hard work you have put into making the season a little more festive. To enter just send us an email with your address or just a picture if you would rather not be included on the map. Our trusty elf (or editor) will compile the all the entries and like the other contests are staff will vote. 

The winner will be on the front page of our December 19 edition and the map will be published in the same edition as well as on our website and Facebook page. 

Send those submissions to news@livingstonenterprise.net.